506 area: New Brunswick

Growing demand for phone numbers

The increased demand for communications services has led to a dramatic increase in the requirement for phone numbers, in several regions across Canada.

The solution: 10-digit local dialing. The introduction of this dialing method will enable the creation of millions of new numbers for these regions.

New area code

10-digit dialing allows for a new area code to be introduced.

For each new area code introduced, more than 7 million new numbers are created.

Adding a new area code using the overlay method

Instead of dividing up geographic regions, with the overlay method, a new area code can simply be added to the same geographic area as the existing area code (506).

This means that existing numbers remain the same. The new area code will be assigned only to new numbers.

10-digit dialing becomes mandatory

When a new area code is added, 10-digit dialing is required for all local calls. The same phone number can therefore exist in two separate area codes (e.g.: 506 555-5555 and 428 555-5555)

In New Brunswick

506 + 428